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China Neican is the ‘Go To’ location for updates on latest policy trends, authoritative analysis of latest events, and a convenient digests of latest academic research. Finding a complex and changing China hard to grasp? China Neican is the solution.

Louise Edwards, Emeritus Professor, UNSW Australia.

China Neican is an essential source that takes me beyond the top stories to explore concepts, history and the intricacies of the Chinese Communist Party, in a way that deepens my understanding of the way things work in China. Its regular digests of important analysis about China are also invaluable.

Todd Mundt, Senior Managing Editor, "Here & Now" from NPR and WBUR

China Neican is indispensable for anyone wanting to keep a close eye on what’s happening in China. Yun Jiang’s weekly column is a must-read, and the digest of articles is a comprehensive survey of published articles, reports and commentary on a range of subjects from the economy and politics to society and culture, from both outside and inside China and in both English and Chinese. In Neican, Yun Jiang and Adam Ni have created a uniquely valuable resource for anyone interested in contemporary China.

Linda Jaivin, author of The Shortest History of China and co-editor of The China Story Yearbook.

China Neican is a breath of fresh air.  It is honest, hard-hitting, insightful and even adds the occasional bit of whimsy.  In every issue, Yun Jiang and Adam Ni demonstrate a rare combination of policy experience, academic credibility, native bilingualism, and a passion for knowing China to penetrate and illuminate.

— Bates Gill, Professor of Asia-Pacific Security Studies, Macquarie University, and Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute

Neican offers a unique analysis of the latest developments in Chinese policy. Every week, Authors Adam Ni and Yun Jiang succinctly cover a diverse set of pertinent topics, seamlessly weaving historical context and direct translations of newly released policy documents into their discussion of contemporary issues. If you want to know what’s going on in the highest echelons of Chinese policy making, and how that impacts on politics, economics, business and society in China and beyond, there’s no better place to start than Neican.

Jane Golley, Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy, and former Director, Australian Centre on China in the World

China Neican is an invaluable resource for staying on top of politics in China. The weekly briefs reliably distill the key developments in CCP party-state politics and policymaking into a manageable form, with succinct explanations of the complex historical and linguistic background required for understanding current events from outside the country. Leveraging the authors’ combination of native-level Chinese language skills and experience in government, its commentaries are always sharp and often provocative, offering a highly informed starting point for developing one’s own analysis of current issues. China Neican should be part of any China analysis team’s essential weekly reading.

Andrew Chubb, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Lancaster University

Neican surveys the latest developments in China and adds in a critical layer of short, sharp and incisive analysis. And all provided by skilled researchers that aren’t weighed down by the creeping groupthink that can infect analysis coming out of Washington, Beijing or Canberra. Read Neican and you’ll quickly get ahead of the China-watching pack.

James Laurenceson, Director, Australia-China Relations Institute

Curated by scholars whose sophisticated grasp of contemporary China and fresh perspective ensure the platform’s rich array of material is vital for anyone trying to keep up with developments in and around the PRC. It is an invaluable resource with sharp analysis, broad ranging coverage and always something unexpected.

Nick Bisley, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University

Since its inception, China Neican has been a rare and valuable source of new information, dispassionate analysis and fresh perspectives for China researchers or anyone who wishes to go beyond the tired and limited diet of China reporting in the mainstream media. For policy makers who need to access high quality discussions on a wide range of issues about China, staying up to date by reading Neican is a must.

Wanning Sun, Professor of Media and Communication Studies at UTS

I read every issue of China Neican. Adam and Yun find the signal in the noise, and deliver smart analysis about what matters in China now.

Daniel Mattingly, Assistant Professor, Yale University

China Neican is compulsory reading for anyone wanting to make sense of the latest developments in China in real time. The balanced analysis from two experts who traverse the Chinese and English news, analysis and scholarship is a must read. They ask and answer difficult questions about where China is headed and the implications for the rest of the world, with a special focus on Australia. 

Shiro Armstrong, Director, Australia-Japan Research Centre and Director, East Asian Bureau of Economic Research

Aptly named Neican does for China watchers what internal memos do for Chinese Communist party officials; it pierces the speculation and propaganda to deliver robust analysis of what is really happening in China and why.

Christian Shepherd, former Beijing Correspondent, Financial Times

China Neican provides an extremely valuable window onto Chinese politics and society, and a guide to the fast-moving debates that shape the world of China-watching. Neican’s regular bulletins stand out for their attention to policy detail, as well as their sharp commentary on the state of China-Australia relations. It’s a unique, and much-needed effort to inform Australian and global thinking on China’s role in the world, and a venture worth supporting.

David Brophy, Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History, University of Sydney

I've subscribed to China Neican since it launched. It's a key resource to understand developments in China and how they affect Australia.

Melissa Conley Tyler, Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne

I've been subscribed to Neican since it started in Nov 2019, and it has been immensely helpful in my work as a journalist. There are very many China newsletters out there, but Neican stands out for its objective and incisive analysis of the developments that matter.

Danson Cheong, China Correspondent, The Straits Times

China Neican is a rare offering in the expanding universe of China-focussed content: timely analysis of Beijing’s politics, policies, and Party-state by expert linguists with a deep understanding of the Chinese Communist Party. China Neican takes readers beyond a moralistic interpretation of China’s policies and seeks to genuinely understand the view from Beijing. As well as teasing out the internal implications of Beijing’s policy moves, China Neican unpacks their impact on China’s relations with the world. It also offers a unique read on how the Chinese government’s decisions will shape Australia-China relations and intersect with domestic political and policy debates in Australia. Sometimes controversial but always insightful, China Neican is a great resource.

Benjamin Herscovitch, academic and former Australian government official

The Neican briefing offers nuanced and new insights on recent China stories. 

Timothy Summers, Assistant Professor, Centre for China Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong