China Neican is a newsletter by Yun Jiang and Adam Ni, both affiliated with the Australian Centre of China in the World, and China Policy Centre in Canberra. The newsletter is also published as a weekly column on the China Story blog.

Neican 内参 or “internal reference” are limited circulation reports only for the eyes of high-ranking officials in China, dealing with topics deemed too sensitive for public consumption. Our writing, however, is open to everyone.

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Australian National University

Part of the content for China Neican’s weekly newsletter (for issues from 17 May 2020) has been written while the authors were in the employment of the Australian National University. In addition, we acknowledge the academic and professional staff at the Australian Centre of China in the World for their support.

China Policy Centre

China Policy Centre is an independent, non-profit research organisation based in Canberra. It aims to inform and promote public discussion and policy debate on China issues.