What our readers say...

"Amidst a deluge of China commentary, Neican stands out as a source of thoughtful, unexpected, and objective analysis on Beijing's intentions, ambitions, and behavior."

Jude Blanchette, Freeman Chair in China Studies, Center for Strategic and International Studies
"I read every issue of China Neican. Adam and Yun find the signal in the noise, and deliver smart analysis about what matters in China now."

Daniel Mattingly, Assistant Professor, Yale University
"China Neican fills an essential gap for a world struggling to understand the dynamics of a changing China. It is essential reading."

Allan Gyngell, National President of the Australian Institute of International Affairs
"China Neican is the ‘Go To’ location for updates on latest policy trends, authoritative analysis of latest events, and a convenient digests of latest academic research. Finding a complex and changing China hard to grasp? China Neican is the solution."

Louise Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Chinese History, UNSW, UNSW Australia
"Neican is an invaluable service for specialists and generalists alike."

Nigel Inkster, former assistant chief and director of operations and intelligence, British Secret Intelligence Service
"Neican is an invaluable tool for policy makers for officers in government agencies, including DFAT, Defence and the intelligence community. Neican is also utilised by members of the diplomatic corps resident in Canberra for its reporting and analysis of China."

Kevin Magee, former Australian diplomat and ambassador
"Those of us who try to keep in touch with events and emerging issues in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan have several secondary sources of information. Among these, China Neican is outstanding in its coverage. It is the resource that I turn to first. It is literally invaluable."

Jocelyn Chey, former Australian diplomat and Visiting Professor, University of Sydney
"China Neican is one of my most business-critical resources. I value not only their commentary but also their essential, well-structured weekly overview of what everyone is thinking. I don’t know what I’d do without it."

Ryan Manuel, Chief Asia Strategist, Silverhorn Group
"I've been subscribed to Neican since it started in Nov 2019, and it has been immensely helpful in my work as a journalist. There are very many China newsletters out there, but Neican stands out for its objective and incisive analysis of the developments that matter."

Danson Cheong, China Correspondent, The Straits Times
"China Neican is indispensable for anyone wanting to keep a close eye on what’s happening in China. In Neican, Yun Jiang and Adam Ni have created a uniquely valuable resource for anyone interested in contemporary China."

Linda Jaivin, author of The Shortest History of China and co-editor of the China Story Yearbook
"I am a fan of Necian and I join thousands of policymakers, researchers, and business and media professionals in receiving timely and relevant information and I encourage others to read [it]."

Warwick Smith, former Member of the Australian Parliament
"China Neican is our number one professional China newsletter. It is an invaluable resource for all who want to see past the headlines on China and take a dive into the context that produces them."

Joanna Klabisch & Christian Straube, China Programme Managers, Stiftung Asienhaus
"If you are to only subscribe to one newsletter on China then you should go no further than Neican. It goes beyond the daily headlines and offers deep analysis and insight, particularly from Chinese language sources and collates a well-rounded compilation of contributor voices as well. It’s a must-read for anyone serious about understanding China."

— Thomas Day, Partnerships and Development Manager, Asialink Business
"China Neican is the go-to newsletter for business as it navigates the rapidly changing relationship between China and Australia."

David Olsson, National President, Australia China Business Council
"China Neican performs an enormous public service by bringing analysis and writing about China that is rich, informative, and deepens our understanding of this vast country. The newsletter is always engaging and a great read. I never miss an issue."

Brendan Sargeant, Professor and Head of Centre, Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, and former Associate Secretary, Australian Department of Defence
"If you want to know what’s going on in the highest echelons of Chinese policy making, and how that impacts on politics, economics, business and society in China and beyond, there’s no better place to start than Neican."

Jane Golley, Professor, Crawford School of Public Policy, and former Director, Australian Centre on China in the World
"China Neican fills a much needed niche in providing direct access to a wide variety of sources, English and Chinese-language, across the breadth of China-related topics. It is timely and sensitively curated with an eye to what is most topical and relevant, but also to what even quite experienced observers may miss. I recommend it highly."

Richard Rigby, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University, and former Assistant Director-General, Australian Office of National Assessments
"China Neican is an essential source that takes me beyond the top stories to explore concepts, history and the intricacies of the Chinese Communist Party, in a way that deepens my understanding of the way things work in China."

Todd Mundt, Senior Managing Editor, "Here & Now" from NPR and WBUR
"China Neican is a breath of fresh air. It is honest, hard-hitting, insightful and even adds the occasional bit of whimsy. In every issue, Yun Jiang and Adam Ni demonstrate a rare combination of policy experience, academic credibility, native bilingualism, and a passion for knowing China to penetrate and illuminate."

Bates Gill, Professor of Asia-Pacific Security Studies, Macquarie University, and Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute
"Leveraging the authors’ combination of native-level Chinese language skills and experience in government, its commentaries are always sharp and often provocative, offering a highly informed starting point for developing one’s own analysis of current issues. China Neican should be part of any China analysis team’s essential weekly reading."

Andrew Chubb, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Lancaster University
"China Neican’s excellent weekly compilation of analysis and translations of significant Party documents help with the challenging task of keeping up with China’s fast moving political, social and economic landscape."

Richard Maude, Executive Director of Policy, Asia Society Australia
"China Neican is compulsory reading for anyone wanting to make sense of the latest developments in China in real time."

Shiro Armstrong, Director, Australia-Japan Research Centre and Director, East Asian Bureau of Economic Research
"Neican surveys the latest developments in China and adds in a critical layer of short, sharp and incisive analysis. And all provided by skilled researchers that aren’t weighed down by the creeping groupthink that can infect analysis coming out of Washington, Beijing or Canberra. Read Neican and you’ll quickly get ahead of the China-watching pack."

James Laurenceson, Director, Australia-China Relations Institute
"The regular Neican digest is an indispensable way to stay on top of the latest research. And the weekly briefs are also a must-read, weaving in analysis and unrivalled attention to policy detail that means that it's a regular source of genuine insight and new perspectives. China Neican is essential."

Julia Pamilih, Research Director, China Research Group
"China Neican offers valuable insights on Chinese current affairs from first-rate analysts whose attention to data, culture, history, and primary sources often provides a useful corrective to common but misleading narratives."

Neil Thomas, China Analyst, Eurasia Group
"Since its inception, China Neican has been a rare and valuable source of new information, dispassionate analysis and fresh perspectives for China researchers or anyone who wishes to go beyond the tired and limited diet of China reporting in the mainstream media. For policy makers who need to access high quality discussions on a wide range of issues about China, staying up to date by reading Neican is a must."

Wanning Sun, Professor of Media and Communication Studies, University of Technology Sydney
"China Neican provides fresh insights into, and lucid analysis of, key developments in contemporary China. Perhaps its most valuable feature is that it offers a frank Chinese-Australian perspective on these developments, informing both a national and an international readership."

John Makeham, Emeritus Professor, La Trobe University
"Curated by scholars whose sophisticated grasp of contemporary China and fresh perspective ensure the platform’s rich array of material is vital for anyone trying to keep up with developments in and around the PRC. It is an invaluable resource with sharp analysis, broad ranging coverage and always something unexpected."

Nick Bisley, Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of International Relations, La Trobe University
"China Neican, as the name suggests, delivers an insiders' guide to contemporary China, and, crucially, largely in the words of the Chinese themselves. Expertly curated, it provides invaluable and regular updates on the big issues being debated at the top of the opaque party-state in Beijing."

Richard McGregor, Senior Fellow for East Asia, Lowy Institute, and former Beijing Bureau Chief, Financial Times
"China Neican is an invaluable resource for those interested in the latest major policy and social developments in China, written in a clear and concise style."

Laurie Chen, China and Mongolia correspondent, Agence France-Presse
"China Neican provides an extremely valuable window onto Chinese politics and society, and a guide to the fast-moving debates that shape the world of China-watching."

David Brophy, Senior Lecturer in Modern Chinese History, University of Sydney
"Neican is a unique informational hub for anyone who observes Chinese politics and public policies. Neican Brief highlights the most important political developments in China with reliable analytical insights."

Ling Li, Department of East Asian Studies, University of Vienna
"Neican pierces the speculation and propaganda to deliver robust analysis of what is really happening in China and why."

Christian Shepherd, former Beijing Correspondent, Financial Times
"As well as teasing out the internal implications of Beijing’s policy moves, China Neican unpacks their impact on China’s relations with the world."

Benjamin Herscovitch, Research Fellow, School of Regulation and Global Governance, Australian National University
"I've been following Neican since its inception, and Yun and Adam's analyses have always stood out to me as a distinct voice in a noisy crowd. Neican is able to tackle the most important issues and make them accessible to the general public while also providing essential perspectives for experts."

Tuvia Gering, China Research Fellow, Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security
"Yun and Adam are doing God's work. Neican is a must-read for anyone looking for clear-headed analysis deeply steeped in Chinese sources."

Jordan Schneider, host of ChinaTalk and analyst at the Rhodium Group
"The Neican briefing offers nuanced and new insights on recent China stories."

Timothy Summers, Assistant Professor, Centre for China Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong
"I’ve found it an invaluable addition to my understanding of political and economic developments in China, in particular because of the way Yun and Adam bring to my attention articles and reports that I would otherwise never have seen, translate important policy announcements that would otherwise not be available to someone who (like me) doesn’t speak or read Chinese, and because of the way they interpret news coming out of China from a distinctly Australian perspective."

Saul Eslake, Economist, Corinna Economic Advisory
"Neican is a great tool to not only scratch on the surface of China issues but to deeply dive into stories that are usually not widely covered by other authors."

Steffen Wurzel, Shanghai Correspondent, Südwestrundfunk (SWR), ARD German Radio"
"I've subscribed to China Neican since it launched. It's a key resource to understand developments in China and how they affect Australia."

Melissa Conley Tyler, Honorary Fellow, Asia Institute, University of Melbourne
"Neican's China Analysis Digest and Scholarship Digest are extremely insightful products. Being a budding China scholar, I rely on them for my news, updates and analysis on China."

Suyash Desai, Associate Fellow, China Studies Programme, The Takshashila Institution