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China Neican submission guide

Add your voice - submission is painless, mostly
China Neican submission guide

China Neican delivers concise, timely, and policy-focused analyses on China-related issues.

You can add your voice to the debate and get to decision-makers and opinion leaders by publishing with us. Feel free to get in touch with a pitch or send us a draft article: neicanchina@gmail.com.

Please find below our submission guide, which doubles up as a template for article submission.

Yun Jiang and Adam Ni, China Neican

This is the summary section. State your key message and argument here. Imagine this is the only thing people will read — what do you want them to know?! Try to keep this section short, under 100 words if possible.

This is the body of the article with around 700-800 words. Please write clearly, concisely and get right to the point. Tell the readers why this matters, and include any policy recommendations (if applicable).

Please make your writing accessible. Our readers are a diverse lot, including policy-makers, politicians, academics, media workers and other professionals. Most of them will not know your topic well; many are not native English speakers.

Some tips:

  • Factual accuracy is essential.
  • Prioritise — most important points first.
  • Short sentences. Short paragraphs.
  • Avoid passive sentences or academic-style writing.
  • Avoid jargon, and abbreviations (if possible).
  • Dot points and lists are ok.
  • Use hyperlinks for sources.
  • Pictures, Tweets & other media welcome.
  • No personal attacks!

You can expect to hear back from us quickly. We aim to make the whole process painless!