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China Scholarship Digest #16

A monthly list of new China-related academic research.
China Scholarship Digest #16

Articles published in October 2022

69 journals scanned

73 articles from 24 journals found

Chinese Studies

Journal of Contemporary China

"A survey conducted in 2010 showed that Chinese citizens had rather positive impressions of the EU and were optimistic for the future of China—EU relations. Against the background of increasing tensions between China and the EU, this study focuses on the changes in the Chinese public’s perceptions of the EU and of China-EU relations in the last decade...Results are that the Chinese public’s overall perception of the EU as well as of China-EU relations remains one of general goodwill, even though critical opinions of the EU have become more widespread."
"The past decade has witnessed a new trend towards restrictions and surveillance on civil society organizations in China...this article explores the coping strategies utilized by [LGBT NGOs] to survive in a restricted civic space. Empirical evidence shows these organizations adopting various tactics to obtain funding and legitimacy. Yet despite the undeniable agency of these LGBT NGOs, they are still restricted by institutional power. While scrupulously avoiding political risks, grassroots LGBT NGOs inevitably shifted away from rights advocacy missions to become service-oriented, depoliticizing and even distorting their agendas. Consequently, the intensifying restrictions and surveillance have invisibly but saliently reshaped the structures and practices of these NGOs."

China Quarterly

Asian Studies

Asian Studies Review


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