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China Scholarship Digest #25: July 2023 Publications

Articles published in July 2023

71 journals scanned

75 articles from 27 journals found

Chinese Studies

Journal of Contemporary China

This article traces the evolution of China studies in the United States through six "generations" of scholarship. It concludes that the field is healthy and diverse even as it faces new challenges for source material and research in Xi's China.
This article assesses Beijing's innovation policies and argues that the Chinese state lacks the capabilities needed to promote frontier innovation, including capturing and interpreting information and effectively formulating and implementing innovation policies.

China Quarterly

This article finds that that market-based transactions constituted a substantial proportion of local economic output throughout the Maoist era. It argues that the scale and persistence of the market proceeding reform and opening up explain in part why private economic activity took off when markets were reopened.
This article looks at the political economy of China's local debt by analysing local government bonds. It finds that the central government intervenes to achieve priorities such as limiting financial risk and achieving national development goals. But this intervention does not address the underlying reason for ballooning local debt: the pressure to maintain economic growth by expanding infrastructure investment.

Asian Studies

Journal of Contemporary Asia

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