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China Scholarship Digest #26: August 2023 Publications

Articles published in August 2023

71 journals scanned

92 articles from 31 journals found

Chinese Studies

Journal of Contemporary China

"This article examines the changes in policy orientations in China since the 2000s. It explores whether these changes are influenced by China’s shifting relative power or by leadership transitions. The analysis focuses on the agenda of the Politburo Collective Study Session (PCSS) during the Hu Jintao and Xi Jinping eras. This article reveals a shift from outward-looking pragmatism in Hu’s era to ambitious nationalistic Leninism in Xi’s era. These distinct policy orientations persisted throughout their 10-year rule, despite changing international environments and China’s economic growth. This underscores the significance of leadership in shaping policy orientations in China."

China Quarterly

"Extensive research in Western societies has demonstrated that media reports of protests have succumbed to selection and description biases, but such tendencies have not yet been tested in the Chinese context. This article investigates the Chinese government and news media's selection and description bias in domestic protest events reporting...we found that government accounts on Weibo covered only 0.4 per cent of protests while news media accounts covered 6.3 per cent of them. In selecting events for coverage, the news media accounts tacitly struck a balance between newsworthiness and political sensitivity; this led them to gravitate towards protests by underprivileged social groups and shy away from protests targeting the government. Government accounts on Weibo, on the other hand, eschewed reporting on violent protests and those organized by the urban middle class and veterans. In reporting selected protest events, both government and news media accounts tended to depoliticize protest events and to frame them in a more positive tone."
"Drawing on the case of a provincial government's defiance against a central policy – Heilongjiang province's 2016 ban on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) – this study shows that despite the unprecedented recentralization push in recent years, local defiance still exists and persists. In addition, this study finds that the Heilongjiang provincial government managed to reduce potential political backlash by feeding the public distrust of GMOs, exploiting the internal divide and central ambiguity over GMOs and, more importantly, skilfully framing its GMO ban as part of its efforts to implement Xi Jinping's Green Development Concept."

Modern China

China Information

"This article discusses the conceptual underpinnings and performance of Han Chinese privilege in the People’s Republic of China. It suggests that Han Chinese privilege has gained salience from specific public policies and philosophies of governance. This is aptly viewed across a range of sites, including the labour market and media, and involves state institutions and micro-level everyday interactions between the Han Chinese and the ethnic minority populations. Finally, the article theorizes why a robust Han Chinese privilege discourse has not emerged, and remains largely an unacknowledged concept."

China: An International Journal

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