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China Scholarship Digest #5

A monthly list of new China-related academic research.

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China Scholarship Digest #5

  • Articles published in November 2021
  • Sources scanned: 65 journals
  • Content: 74 articles from 25 sources

Chinese Studies

Journal of Contemporary China

China Quarterly

China Information

Asian Studies

Asia Policy

Asian Studies Review


Chinese Studies in History

International Affairs

International Affairs

Third World Quarterly


Journal of Current Chinese Affairs

Chinese Journal of International Politics

Review of International Political Economy


Journal of Politics

Journal of Chinese Governance

Political Communication

Society & Culture

Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

Chinese Sociological Review


Chinese Economic Studies

China Economic Journal

Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

China & World Economy

China Economic Review

Asia Pacific Business Review

Journal of Asian Economics

Economic and Political Studies

Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy

Edited by Adam Ni | code by Katharina Ni