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China Tweets #11

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

Media, censorship and propaganda

In order to prevent IP theft, a Japanese website employs a novel method that triggers PRC internet censors to take down its cloned website in China.

Cybersecurity news publication The Record has published a report by its threat research division, Insikt Group, on the CCP's evolving approach to targeted propaganda:

What's on Weibo celebrates 9 years of sharing all the best bits from Weibo! Even after censors may have taken down certain posts...

State media and the Nordstream explosions:

Covid propaganda phrases:

A slight delay in the media about a big technological breakthrough for China:

It was mentioned though:

Chinese scholars' analysis of Meloni's election success in Italy:

Podcast in Chinese about what an absence of independent media means to ordinary people and the government in China:

Robert Bickers on archival access being restricted more and more over time:


Roderick Lee analyses the rank markings of PRC military personnel to figure out their roles and predict who might join the Central Military Commission.

An analysis of television footage of amphibious assault exercises is used to see what an invasion of Taiwan would look like:

America hacks back?

What military strategists in Beijing can learn from the Ukraine War:


On how technology will aid food security in China:

Single-use subway tickets in Beijing now require your name and ID number:

A thread on a digital utopia vs. a digital police state:


2.8 per cent?

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