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China Tweets #12

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.


Sober and sense-making piece from John Culver who argues that a PRC invasion of Taiwan would have many early signals and they are currently not evident.

Indian MP visits Taiwan:

Signals from Beijing that tensions over Taiwan are cooling:

Elon Musk has decided to poke his sticky beak into the international affairs of Ukraine and now of Taiwan:

A thread on the one-China principle:

Interesting thread on a defunct building in Miaoli, Taiwan that signifies KMT corruption:

Security/Foreign Policy

On Xi's Global Security Initiative:

New book on China's food security:

A Belt and Road investment in Indonesia:

Domestic cultivation of genetically modified maize and soybean crops could increase yield and improve China's food security. This would put downward pressure on market prices for countries that have exported these crops to China.

What form of diplomacy is this!?

On the future of China-UK relations from a Chinese perspective:


Growth appears to continue to slow as China's export boom stutters:

The property slump in China is adding to local government revenue deficits:

More on China's property slowdown:

On China's energy imports:

Party Congress

An interesting take that addresses peoples' "societal alienation from [Xi's] triumphant dominant faction".

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