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China Tweets #17

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

Hi everyone,

Alex Davy (@whambammian), who put together China Tweets issues 4 to 17, is moving on. This is Alex's last issue, so please join me in thanking him for sifting through thousands of tweets so that you and I didn't have to.

I think there is value in keeping the China Tweets series going, so if anyone is interested in taking over the series, please get in touch.


Party politics

Beijing and Fujian get new party secretaries:

On Xi not getting everything he wanted this time around:

Xi visits the Central Military Commission Joint Operations Command Center:

Wu Xingfeng is now the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Joint Staff Department of the Military Commission:

More on the PLA's future:

Can someone tell me if it is typical for the CCP General Secretary to say “全部精力向打仗聚焦” (Focus all energy on going to war/fighting a battle)?

Lip reading analysis reveals what Li Zhanshu said to Hu Jintao before he was escorted from the 20th Party Congress:

Bao Tong, a former top Communist Party aide to late ousted Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang, has died:

Zhang Jingguang, former head of the Organization Department of the CCP Central Committee, passed away at the age of 91.

Fascinating video on the special food supply system for CCP elites:


Jiang Zemin with a spritely Xi Jinping in tow:

5,000 years of Chinese culture?

Article on Chinese Marxist Revolutionary causing a stir among avid communists. Here is some background on Wang Fanxi:

Unofficial and semi-official publications written during the Cultural Revolution:


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