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China Tweets #18

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.


This week's main improvement is the awesome subsection headings that took me most of Sunday to come up with. Otherwise, just the usual goodness sifted from Twitter.

Have a good week.


Red Chamber

The Mill

China in the World

Thoughts on Biden-Xi meeting in Bali:

Germany is drafting a new China strategy:

I don't agree with the thread below. By making statements against nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Beijing is making it clear to Moscow that a nuclear strike against Ukraine would have serious repercussions for bilateral relations.  

Beijing and Canberra made moves to improve relations with the leaders of the countries meeting in Bali. Hawks are beating their chests energetically, claiming Canberra's toughness led to Beijing's "capitulation".

War is Peace

Always beware of "anonymous" sources, I say.

A thread on the intermediaries that help Chinese influencers, some of whom are state-backed, to get on western social media:

ProPublica recently published an article insinuating COVID escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan.  China experts tore the article to pieces because it had glaring translation and analytical mistakes.

Heartache & Hope

Another daughter of China lost - another promise broken - because of the inhumane way that zero-COVID is implemented:



Glimpses of the Past

Other "Chinas"

Taiwan will hold local elections on November 26

Democracy in action:

Watching China Watching

Many on China Tweet are scared that Twitter will implode. I think it would a good thing for our productivity and mental health, if nothing else.

By Adam Ni