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China Tweets #4

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

On Taiwan

On what the PLA’s military drills around Taiwan have not done (as of August 8):

Deng Xiaoping on Taiwan and how it helps us understand China’s stance today:

A thread on China’s military drills around Taiwan and what they may mean:

Did Pelosi carry out a cost-benefit analysis before making her trip to Taiwan? Perhaps not…

PRC’s new white paper on Taiwan and how this new release no longer says Beijing will not send troops and administrative personnel to Taiwan upon “reunification”.

On self-identity in Taiwan:

A new normal for the PLA Navy in the Taiwan Strait:

Journalist Bill Birtles looks across the bay at Xiamen from Taiwan-controlled Kinmen islands:

An unannounced US congressional delegation visits Taiwan after Pelosi’s visit.

India’s position on the Taiwan issue:

Apparently, Germany will do nothing if Taiwan is invaded:

General China Tweets

Here is a thread highlighting some of 30 Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Stations based in 21 different countries:

An anecdote from 14 years ago about “stark contrasts” existing in Beijing and how the fallacy of a liberalising China was always obvious…to some.

A thread on Jamie P. Horsely’s work on the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) and how it is both a CCP Central Commission and a State entity.

A tweet about an issue from the PRC History Group on “Teaching the PRC” with many big names contributing:

China Law Translate has translated an Opinion on Promoting the High-quality development of the Foreign Cultural Trade, in other words… China’s Soft Power™ is getting a reboot.

Joseph Torigian tells us how former CCP General Secretary Zhao Ziyang asked the Dalai Lama for his prayers:

Some big shots in China’s chip industry are suspected of serious disciplinary violations and are currently under investigation by state and/or CCP disciplinary organs.

Marxist Asian studies academics getting a stern talking to…

Trivium covering Li Keqiang’s meeting readout on the poor employment situation in China

According to one researcher, Chinese semiconductor exports to Russia have increased YoY by 241% over March-June:

On China’s coal consumption as a “necessary evil” for now…

An economics deep-dive on how China’s merchant traders have been building up massive inventories abroad:

A rebuttal by a China media academic on Wang Wen’s NYT piece and how he is a propagandist that does not represent the views of the people of China.

Wang Wenbin Forgetting about the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum:

Here is @SofiaHCBBG’s weekly China business roundup:

Estonia and Latvia leaving China’s 16+1 initiative

Actors are being hired to pretend to work as construction workers amid Zhengzhou’s property crisis

Family-planning poster from 1984

Covid-testing and lockdown fears in  China

The absurd lengths to which Covid testing has reached in China

People reacting to a 48-hour lockdown in their building in Shanghai

People are fleeing from a testing point in Danzhou, Hainan to avoid being quarantined because someone’s health code on their phone turned red.

Professor Huang comments on people’s futile attempts to avoid being quarantined by fleeing from Ikea after someone allegedly tested positive for Covid.

Tourists trying to leave Tibet for fear of being stuck there after positive Covid cases

Meme for the end

Deadpan PRC navy officer

By Alexander Davey