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China Tweets #5

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

Musk does a Zuckerberg on China

I can speak badly about you, but you're not allowed speak badly about me.

China's cyberspace regulator is looking into algorithms:

Highlights from the latest issue of CCP journal Qiushi:

US intelligence mindset analyses Chinese mindset after Pelosi's visit:

Beijing and the Streisand effect

Houses are meant for living in, no wait, actually buying more properties is true CCP loyalty.

Returning to the roots of reform by letting the provinces lead:

Ukraine MFA view on the position of China towards Russia's invasion.

Important conclusion from the UN on forced labour in Xinjiang:

What people living in and from Taiwan want:

Hackers linked to China are targeting overseas human rights groups:

Zhao Lijian giving us the alternative intro to US-China relations:

Intro to US-China relations: "America acknowledge's the Chinese position"

On US export controls process vis-a-vis China:

Names added to Xi's naughty list.

What was Xi's recent trip to Xinjiang all about?

Xi and Li's tension between state-led development versus market-led development is displayed in their choice of destination.

Is Li Keqiang trying to secure his pro-reform legacy by paying tribute to Deng?

An article highlighting the politicisation of science.

Ukrainian politician calls Ukraine's strategic partnership with China into question:

Using the in-app browser on Tik Tok potentially leaves users vulnerable:


Sorry for wearing a Japanese dress

Sorry for pretending to be Japanese

Lee Kwan Yew foresaw how nationalism could bubble away and present itself in China's youth today:

When big-name online nationalists get censored, did stoking nationalist sentiment gone too far?

Xi and Putin will reportedly attend G20 in Bali in November.

PRC and Taiwan's navies got within a stone's throw distance of one another during the PLA Navy's military exercises around the island, carried out in response to Nancy Pelosi's visit.

Tensions over energy politics as corporate demands threatens people's livelihood.

Beijing showing tangible solidarity toward African nations while 'debt-trap diplomacy' is still being thrown around in the West

A black woman's experience on Chinese social media

A nod to last year's intensely translated 'Heads bashed bloody' idiom from Xi:

Covid measures continue in China

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3.

Chaotic Covid rules continue as passengers returning from Hainan to Shanghai are tricked into quarantine.

When testing starts to get fishy:

This is a big deal:

On Southeast Asian nations treading a fine line:

A visualisation of the latest heatwave

16-year-old convicted under National Security Law in Hong Kong

A new name for policy on ethnic minorities in China

An interesting take on why worrying about the necessity of Pelosi's visit should not be our main concern.

Chinese State media's knowledge of foreign countries' domestic politics leaves a lot to be desired.

Mike Forsythe has been tracking the banker of China's Red Elite - Xiao Jianhua - and how he has now been sentenced to 13 years in prison for corruption.

On Chinese narratives of Pelosi's Taiwan visit in CEE countries

Local government austerity prolongs economic recovery

The scars from Shanghai's lockdowns are still visible

Meme (video) for the end

Hattip to @giorgiomomurder for unearthing this skit of a Maoist era song:

Just like Finnish PM Sanna Marin, Xi is taking the highroad.

Compiled by Alex Davey