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China Tweets #6

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

Some are unhappy with the direction the Party is going in. Three elderly CCP members issued an open letter against "the party leads everything" and called for a firm boycott of a "personality cult". Apparently, all three are under strict surveillance by the CCP now.

Here is more in detail:

Local officials' belts are being tightened.

Rent-a-crowd or earnest excitement, or both?

Maybe it is rent a crowd...

Damien Ma looks at the personnel changes in the run up to the 20th Party Congress:

Willy Lam does the same:

Climate change affecting China:

Water level of Jialing River in SW China falls significantly

Poyang lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, shrinking amid China's most severe drought in six decades

A thread on China's heatwave:

Hurry up Chǔshǔ (处暑) — it lasts from 23 August until around 7 September.

Chongqing getting it from all angles:

Sichuan power outages

As of 12 midday on 28 August general commercial and industrial electricity has been restored to Sichuan, while, with the exception of high energy-carrying industries, electricity consumption by large industries is gradually being restored.

An explainer on how a lack of hydro-electric power contributed to the shortage:

It looks like nuclear power will come into play to prevent these kinds of events from happening in the long-term:

The spectre of Covid lives on.

This is very sad. This woman had her certified public accountant exams but her local community district is on lockdown and she is not allowed to leave. She will have to wait until next year to sit the exam.

On UN's Bachelet and her report on Xinjiang:

Despite China's economic slowdown Citi are telling investors to hold tight.

Here is Sofia's weekly Bloomberg China-roundup:

Pinduoduo — China's answer to Amazon — to enter US market.

Tooze's take on China's economic woes

Pettis explains how China increased its share of global exports with supply-side support but that the underlying problem of weak domestic demand remains:

More on weak domestic demand

Pettis on the faltering property sector

A thread on why the China-US audit deal won't stick:

"Kung Fu...is the grand struggle of Chinese nationalism in the twentieth century in microcosm."

Disinformation in Western media. Link to orignal article.

A Tibetan is arrested for the ‘separatist act’ of possessing a picture of the Dalai Lama.

On Taiwan

PLA drone over Kinmen islands

On Taiwan's military defense spending

The People's Daily has devoted endless column inches to Pelosi throughout August

A PLA Major-General explaining the military exercises around Taiwan

The Lennon wall at National Chengchi University in Taipei, Taiwan still shows support for Hong Kongers:

On why a portion of people in Taiwan support unification with China:

Listen in to this, fascinating stuff.

Xi's nephew is an actor, who knew!?

For those interested in China's data protection framework:

A profile of PRC Foreign Minister Wang Yi:

Richard McGregor on secrecy:

Dylan digs into the work of neo-Maoist and Professora at the Center for Strategic Studies at Beihang University — Zhang Wenmu

On the 'Indo-Pacific' as a construct and imaginative geography:

Writing about the past to serve the present.

Realistic photos of the human face:

Meme/Video of the week

‌These dogs' aural Mandarin comprehension is at least HSK 4.

No words needed.

‌Compiled by Alex Davey