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China Tweets #8

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

Fast-fashion brand Shein is doing well:

On Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Stations:

Criticism of Guangzhou's zero-Covid policy in Cantonese bypasses Weibo's online censors:

Liz Truss is likely to have a hawkish stance toward China:

Some see parallels between the extremity of Beijing's zero-Covid measures with those from the Cultural Revolution:

Ling Li explains the machinations of the upcoming 20th National Party Congress in a thread:

Social-Darwinism lives on in PRC national consciousness:

I watched this film based on Rui's recommendation. Get an insight into how tough life still is for some in China by clicking the YouTube link in the comments:

Xi wants to improve the "New National System"for tacking key and core technologies, and "strengthen the leadership of the party and the state over major scientific and technological innovations."

Xinhua News Agency President Fu Hua said that Xinhua must take a clear-cut stand on politics, and do not stand outside the party ranks for a minute, never deviate from the direction of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and never depart the vision of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee.

An image from the drought in China:

Moving from US dollars to roubles and yuan:

Recruiting via livesteam:

State government collecting DNA samples from the people of Tibet:

China's national curriculum to be taught at a newly opened Chinese school in Dubai:

“I wonder what they'd do if the stone tested positive”

Major policy statements from the Central Committee for Comprehensively Deepening Reforms:

Putin and Xi to meet in Uzbekistan:

The Queen of England and China

What the CCP can learn from British Royal Family propaganda:

"The one that should have died hasn't died, while the one that shouldn't have died has died..." — Who on earth could Chinese netizens be referring to?

A jibe at how some Hong Kongers treat their foreign domestic workers:

Pro-Xi voices inadvertently draw unwanted comparisons between Xi and Queen Elizabeth II:

When the UK begins to mirror China:

Writing down the value of debt works:

A thread on what CCP's top science official had to say on science and technology in China:

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