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Chinese Public Holidays 2024

Below are the official 2024 public holiday periods in China:

  • New Year (元旦): January 1, 2024
  • Spring Festival (春节): February 10-17
  • Tomb-Sweeping Festival (清明节): April 4-6
  • Labour Day (劳动节): May 1-5
  • Dragon Boat Festival (端午节): June 10
  • Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节): September 15-17
  • National Day (国庆节): October 1-7

The dates of Chinese public holidays can be confusing because some are based on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar.

Public Holidays Explained

Chinese public holidays are specified by the Regulation on Public Holidays for National Annual Festivals and Memorial Days.

Under the regulation, there are three categories of public holidays:

  1. public holidays that apply to all citizens of the PRC;
  2. public holidays that apply to parts of the citizenry; and
  3. public holidays in minority areas.

Public holidays for all PRC citizens

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