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Official China Digest #8: December 2022 Documents

A monthly list of official Chinese Communist Party and State documents

1. Party Congress


The 21st Party Congress will likely convene in late-2027.

2. Central Committee


2a. Central Committee plenary sessions 中央委员会全体会议

The second plenary session of the 20th Central Committee will likely convene in late-February 2023.

2b. Central Documents 中央文件

3. Politburo


3a. Politburo meetings 中共中央政治局会议

Technically, Politburo's annual "democracy life meeting" (民主生活会) is different from a Politburo Meeting 政治局会议. The stated purpose of this annual meeting is for Politburo members to reflect on their work performance by criticising themselves and their Politburo colleagues.

3b. Politburo Standing Committee meetings 中央政治局常务委员会会议

  • N/A

3c. Politburo group study sessions 中共中央政治局集体学习

  • N/A

4. State Council


4a. State Council plenary meetings 国务院全体会议

  • N/A

4b. State Council executive meetings 国务院常务会议

4c. Central Documents 中央文件

  • See 2b

4d. State Council guofa documents 国发

4e. General Office of the State Council guobanfa documents 国办发

4f. State Council Gazette 国务院公报

The official Chinese version of Issue 2022/35 is currently unavailable on the State Council website. Issue 2022/36 (the last issue of the year) consolidates all documents in 2022.

4g. Government white papers 政府白皮书

  • N/A

5. Xi Jinping


5a. Speeches 讲话

5b. Articles 文章

5c. Instructions and Written Comments 指示批示

5d. Miscellaneous

6. Central and national level work conferences


6a. Central-level work conferences 中央工作会议

Central Economic Work Conference 2022
The 2022 Central Economic Work Conference was held in Beijing between December 15 and 16. This note is separated into three sections: 1) briefing, 2) translation of the meeting readout, and 3) annotations on the meeting readout. 📍The Central Economic Work Conference is China’s most authoritative e…

6b. National-level work conferences 全国工作会议

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