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China Analysis Digest #3

Hey everyone,

From this week, we will be adding 15 new sources to the scope of the digest, bringing us up to 67 sources. We will also be including a list of recommended readings.

If you have any ideas and/or suggestions, please get in touch.


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  1. The US Is Building Walls Around Science, and We’re All Poorer for It (Yangyang Cheng)
  2. Lai Youxuan, “Delivery Drivers, Stuck in the System” (introduction and translation by Freya Ge and David Ownby)
  3. America’s Indo-Pacific Folly (Van Jackson)
  4. Demystifying Australia – China Trade Tensions (Weihuan Zhou and James Laurenceson)
  5. The double lives of gay men in China’s Hainan province (James Cummings)
  6. What Does Li Zhanshu’s report tell us? (David Bandurski)
  7. Russians See Greater Reward than Risk in Closer Relations with China (Dina Smeltz, Brendan Helm, Denis Volkov and Stepan Goncharov)
  8. Inside China’s Cult of the Cat (Zhou Runan)
  9. Quad leaders’ pledge being undermined by vaccine nationalism (David Uren)

China Analysis Digest

  • Issue: 2021/03
  • Date range: March 10-17, 2021
  • Sources scanned: 67 sources
  • Content: 206 publications from 49 sources
  • Download raw data (.csv)

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