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China Analysis Digest #37

Publications from November 4-11, 2021

China Analysis Digest is a weekly published list of new China-related analyses.

Issue: 2021/37

  • Date range: November 4-11, 2021
  • Sources scanned: 102
  • Content: 181 publications from 53 sources
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Profile: Xi Jinping, the man who leads CPC on new journey

Xinhua | November 6

I don’t usually recommend propaganda as reading material….this article is cringeworthy, but it’s useful for giving you a sense of how the Party-state is trying to present Xi in the context of the 6th Plenum. And just how absurd it has all become. Does anyone else find the thinly-veiled allusion to Mao quoted below over the top?

Although Xi has little time for himself, he manages to find time for swimming. This and physical labor during his youth ensure that he has enough stamina to deal with affairs of the Party, government, and the military. More importantly, he is driven by a sense of mission.

Deciding History, Sealing the Future

David Bandurski | China Media Project| November 8

The 6th Plenum is expected to pass a resolution on history. Bandurski, in this sharp piece, reminds us that:

all of the verbiage in the important document to be released this week will boil down to a simple political fact: Xi Jinping will lead the Party for years to come.

Indeed, China watchers can parse every word of the Plenum communiqué (and we will), but it all boils down to…power. History is not the dusty past, it’s about the power to decide the future.

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