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China Tweets #9

A weekly curated collection of tweets on Chinese current affairs.

A look back on the heatwave and drought that became lost among other stories:

China is giving the IMF a run for its money:

In response, it appears China is doomed if it does and doomed if it doesn't:

More about China's loans:

Despite fraught Sino-Australian relations, China is importing large quantities of Australian wheat:

Zhou Enlai and Henry Kissinger in Beijing in 1973:

On semiconductor supply chains:

Stymieing China's innovation by curbing the sale of semiconductors for AI and chip-making equipment:

A strengthening USD against the RMB leaves the People's Bank of China with some hard decisions:

Voters have spoken: China is not at all in decline now!

The Queen's death, mourning, protest, and the law

Mourning as a form of protest in Hong Kong and China:

Is this China or the UK?

It actually seems like Hong Kong?

Oh no wait, that was England, this is Hong Kong:

Apologising for mourning the Queen:

When people draw a definitive line between the people of China and the CCP:

Here is an interesting thread on the available scholarship of a fascinating segment in China's history – the land reform period:

A thread on China's senior military leadership:

Here's something to get involved in – Fantasy Politburo Standing Committee selection!

Does Twitter have a PRC spy among its ranks?

If you have the time to plug in your earphones and listen to Michael Pettis talk about Chinese economic growth then here's your chance:

Xinjiang has been experiencing a tough lockdown

Only seven countries on the UN Human Rights Council showed support for China's statement on Xinjiang in the face of the recently released UNHRC report on the region:

Funding from China for EU academia will come under greater scrutiny:

Nuclear power continues to expand in China:

Foreign medical equipment makes will be left out in the cold as China seeks to focus on self-reliance in this area:

MERICS has recently released a report on China's Comprehensive National Security concept:

Starbucks is booming in China:

Here is an interesting thread on how a hashtag of Tibet's Covid outbreak is being handled on Weibo:

Li Zhanshu's comments

At first, it looked like China was showing more support for Russia:

Here is a translation of Li Zhanshu's remarks relating to Russia's invasion of Ukraine:

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