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Official China Digest #11: March 2023 Documents

A monthly list of official Chinese Communist Party and State documents
Sections Docs
Party Congress Nil
Central Committee 3
Politburo 2
State Council 12
Central Military Commission 5
Leader: Xi Jinping 5
Central and National Conferences 3
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 10
National Development and Reform Commission 3

Official China Digest: Consolidated Document List
The Official China Digest is a monthly publication that lists official Communist Party and Chinese state documents. The digest aims to help you stay up-to-date on the latest official documents from Beijing, including Party directives, regulations, meeting readouts, white papers, articles, speeches,…

1. Party Congress


The 21st Party Congress will likely convene in late-2027.

2. Central Committee


2a. Central Committee Plenary Sessions 中央委员会全体会议

The third plenary session of the 20th Central Committee will likely convene in October or November 2023.

2b. Central Documents 中央文件

Brief #142: Investigation and Research: Mass Line and High Modernism
On March 19, the General Office of the Central Committee released the Work Programme for Vigorous and Extensive Investigation and Research across the Whole Party (关于在全党大兴调查研究的工作方案). The programme requires Party cadres at all levels to conduct fact-finding missions to identify and proactively solve…
Brief #141: Party and State Institutional Reform Plan 2023
On March 16, Xinhua published the Party and State Institutional Reform Plan (党和国家机构改革方案) issued by the Central Committee and the State Council. The plan aims to improve the division of functions, capabilities and efficiency of the institutions of the Communist Party and the Chinese state. Approved…

3. Politburo


3a. Politburo Meetings 中共中央政治局会议

Brief #143: March Politburo Meeting: Education Campaign and Personal Reporting
On March 30, the Politburo convened a meeting, with two outcomes. First, the Politburo launched a thematic education campaign on studying and implementing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era throughout the Communist Party. Second, the Politburo reviewed propo…

3b. Politburo Standing Committee Meetings 中央政治局常务委员会会议

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3c. Politburo Group Study Sessions 中共中央政治局集体学习

4. State Council


4a. State Council Plenary Meetings 国务院全体会议

4b. State Council Executive Meetings 国务院常务会议

4c. State Council Documents 国发

4d. General Office of the State Council Documents 国办发

4e. State Council Gazette 国务院公报

4f. Government White Papers 政府白皮书

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