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Neican: February 2023 Publications

Here are Neican's February publications in case you missed any:


Announcement: Neican Alert
Neican Alert: real-time monitoring and notification system for Chinese current affairs.


Brief #137: 20th Central Committee Second Plenum
The Second Plenum of the Central Committee was held from February 26 to 28. The outcomes of the Plenum are as follows: 1. The Central Committee fully affirmed the Politburo’s work since the First Plenum was held on October 23, 2022. 2. The Central Committee adopted a list of proposed
Brief #136: Politburo Meeting: Second Plenum Announced
The Politburo met on February 21 and announced the Central Committee Second Plenum dates: February 26 to 28. The Politburo also discussed: 1. the Politburo’s work report to the Central Committee; 2. the draft Party and State Institutions Reform Plan; 3. candidates for top positions in state ins…
Brief #135: January Politburo Meeting, Asia Power Index
The January Politburo Meeting: A Mystery No Politburo Meeting was publicly reported for January. This is curious for a number of reasons. For one, the Politburo had routine business to deal with for January. The case is even more curious considering the circumstantial evidence that an unreported Po…


Xi on China’s Economic Challenges and Policy Responses
On February 15, the Communist Party journal Qiushi published an article by Xi Jinping: “Major Issues in Current Economic Work” (当前经济工作的几个重大问题). A translation of the article is below. The article is based on Xi’s speech at the Central Economic Work Conference in December. It identifies China’s most…
Politburo Standing Committee: China’s COVID Miracle
The Politburo Standing Committee held a meeting on Thursday, February 16. The outcome of the meeting is a triumphant declaration: under the guidance of the Party leadership with Xi Jinping at its core, China has now won the “decisive victory” over COVID-19, “creat[ing] a miracle in the history of

China Analysis Digest

China Analysis Digest #94
A weekly list of new China-related analyses.
China Analysis Digest #93
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China Analysis Digest #92
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China Analysis Digest #91
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China Scholarship Digest

China Scholarship Digest #19
China Scholarship Digest is a monthly list of new China-related academic research.

Official China Digest

Official China Digest #9: January 2023 Documents
A monthly list of official Chinese Communist Party and State documents
Official China Digest: Consolidated Document List
The Official China Digest is a monthly publication that lists official Communist Party and Chinese state documents. The digest aims to help you stay up-to-date on the latest official documents from Beijing, including Party directives, regulations, meeting readouts, white papers, articles, speeches,…